Do you live out in some of the more rural areas of America? If so, you’ll know that your home defense needs are a little different. That said, when it comes to weapons, the objectives are the same – to deter or outright stop someone who’s trying to come in and threaten your family. There are countless weapons that fit the bill, but here we look at one in particular – the Ruger AR 556.

Why does it make such a good choice for home defense? Well, if you stay with us until the end of this article, you’ll discover eight compelling reasons why that’s the case.

The Ruger AR 556 Offers a Lot 

So, what’s the deal with the Ruger AR 556? What is it that draws buyers in to choose it as their number one home defense option? Let’s see what’s on offer. 

#1 – Versatility – you could just use this weapon as is – as it’s perfectly adequate without any aftermarket add-ons. That said, it can be customized to suit all your needs and preferences, offering the ability to use optics, lasers and lights to enhance the experience. 

#2 – Ammunition Options – you also get a range of ammunition options, with 556 and 223 rounds able to be chosen.

#3 – Super Easy to Use – It’s also a weapon that’s super easy to maintain, making it a suitable option for people who don’t have a lot of experience with firearms. 

#4 – Accuracy – Hitting what you’re firing at is crucial in home defense, and you don’t want to hurt anyone you don’t mean to. The 556 makes this easy. 

#5 – Stopping Power – The key to home defense is getting sufficient stopping power without over-penetrating. This Ruger delivers on both counts. 

#6 – Round Capacity – While not many gunfights last that long, it’s better to have bullets to spare rather than run out. This Ruger has a 30-round capacity. 

#7 – Reliability – Ruger is a well-known, established company with a reputation for creating firearms that won’t let you down in those crunch moments. The AR 556 is absolutely no exception in this regard. 

#8 – Range – We mentioned earlier that rural home defense needs are a little different than those in urban areas. One of the biggest differences is the need for longer-range performance, and the AR 556 is more than capable in this scenario – particularly when compared to handguns and shotguns. 

The Ruger AR 556 Is a Choice You Should Give Serious Consideration 

So, let’s look at the major points again. The AR 556 is a super reliable option with great stopping power without risking overpenetration. It’s good over long-range, as well as being very customizable, accurate, and flexible in terms of the rounds you can use with it. 

Throw in its large round capacity and ease of use, and you end up with a weapon that appeals to both experienced gun owners and novices. As such, it’s a choice you should give serious consideration to. 

By Grace