Inquiries into a vehicle accident victim’s medical history are likely to be comprehensive, whether the claim is filed with an insurance company or litigated in court. When a victim’s preexisting injuries or health issues are made worse by an accident, they may be eligible for compensation even though they cannot collect compensation for those injuries themselves.

Automobile accidents can cause both physical and psychological harm. The victim’s preexisting conditions will significantly impact the outcome of their claim for damages. If you want your personal injury case in Nevada to go as smoothly and successfully as possible, you need to hire a Nevada traumatic brain injury lawyer with relevant experience. 

The Value of Revealing Past Injuries

You should tell your Nevada car accident lawyer the truth about your pre-accident health and any injuries you suffered. If you don’t tell your lawyer everything, they can’t represent you well, and you could end up with a much lower settlement. In fact, if you aren’t honest about your medical history, your entire claim could be denied.

Full disclosure is especially important in cases where an existing injury is made worse by the accident-related injury. Claims that the victim has never had any health problems or injuries may be viewed with skepticism by insurance adjusters and their attorneys, especially if the victim is elderly. Working with their medical team, vehicle accident victims can better establish how the collision exacerbated their condition and therefore boost their chances of receiving a reasonable payout.

What If I am Already Injured, and Another Injury Will Hurt Me Even More?

The severity of an injury sustained in a car crash might be exacerbated by a victim’s preexisting injury or condition. However, this in no way invalidates their claim or lessens the amount of compensation they are due. Juries in Nevada must take the wounded party’s current condition into account. In an injury attribution case, the plaintiff’s preexisting condition cannot be used as evidence against them.

The Role of Medical Records in the Investigation

Personal injury claims benefit from evidence of preexisting injuries because it helps attorneys, judges, and jurors visualize the full extent of their clients’ suffering after an accident. In order to get accurate, complete, and honest information on the victim’s health before and after the vehicle accident, both the victim and their attorneys should cooperate closely with medical professionals.

By Grace