Introducing Cumberland; Where Opulence Meets Serenity

Discover a haven of elegance at Cumberland Norfolk Island offering a retreat that truly stands out. 

This luxurious resort not showcases views of the surrounding landscapes but also provides a sense of privacy and tranquility. 

The perfect blend of design and Norfolks timeless allure creates an inviting atmosphere where guests can fully relax and indulge in luxury.

Architectural Marvels amidst Paradise

Cumberlands design seamlessly harmonizes with Norfolks beauty. The resorts structures are more than buildings; they are meticulously crafted wonders that perfectly complement the islands charm. 

From the moment guests arrive they are greeted by villas and suites that seamlessly blend with the greenery and captivating coastal vistas.

Exquisite Living; Embodying the Essence of Cumberland

Luxurious Accommodations offers a range of accommodations ensuring every guest discovers their personal haven. 

Whether its the villas with sweeping ocean views or the deluxe suites boasting sophisticated interiors each space reflects Cumberlands unwavering commitment, to providing unparalleled comfort and luxury.

Indulging in Fine Dining

At Cumberland the luxury experience extends beyond the living spaces to the dining options. 

Food enthusiasts will be thrilled by the blend of flavors, with cuisines creating a haven of gastronomic delights. 

Each dining venue within the resort is a masterpiece that goes beyond just serving meals – it creates unforgettable experiences.

A Tranquil Spa Retreat

Completing the trifecta of living Cumberlands spa is a haven of tranquility. Surrounded by Norfolks beauty it offers an array of rejuvenating treatments. 

Skilled therapists and lavish amenities ensure that each spa session becomes a journey into relaxation and indulgence.

Embracing Norfolks Beauty through Activities

Exclusive Excursions

While Cumberland itself is a destination it also serves as a gateway to uncovering Norfolks gems. 

The resort curates excursions allowing guests to explore beaches, historical landmarks and breathtaking landscapes with personalized attention. 

Each journey is tailored to create an adventure that unveils the secrets of Norfolk.

Excellence in Golfing

For golfers Cumberland provides access, to premier golf courses surrounded by Norfolks wonders.

Playing golf against the backdrop of the islands beauty adds an extra touch of luxury, to the golfing experience creating a memorable activity for both avid players and beginners.

Discovering Exclusive Delights; Unveiling Cumberlands Hidden Treasures

Luxurious Retreats

Cumberland Norfolk Island truly understands the desires of discerning guests. The exclusive retreats, nestled in corners of the resort offer a level of exclusivity and personalized service. 

From concierge assistance to breathtaking vistas these retreats are designed to take luxury experiences to heights.

Sustainability and Elegance Combined

Cumberland prioritizes both luxury and sustainability. The resort embraces eco architecture minimizes its impact on the environment and actively participates in community initiatives. 

This commitment ensures that guests can indulge in opulence while cherishing the environment that makes Norfolk Island so extraordinary.

Planning Your Escape: Embracing Cumberlands Warm Welcome

Reservations and Accessibility

Embarking on an escape to Cumberland Norfolk Island is made easy with a selection of curated packages. 

The resorts dedication to guest satisfaction extends to booking options and accessible transportation ensuring that your journey to this island paradise is as seamless, as the experience itself.

Insider Tips and Suggestions

Before you arrive at Cumberland it’s worth considering some insider tips and suggestions to enhance your experience. 

The resorts staff doesn’t just provide service; they are committed, to ensuring that your luxury getaway exceeds all expectations. 

From packing advice to must try activities these insights will help make your stay nothing than perfect.


As we explore the retreats of Cumberland Norfolk Island it becomes clear that this luxurious accommodation is a place where every moment is a celebration of comfort, elegance and the untouched beauty of Norfolk Island. 

With accommodations exquisite dining options, exclusive excursions and serene spa experiences Cumberland truly defines luxury in every way.

Embarking on your journey to Norfolk Island means embracing the harmony between opulence and nature created by Cumberland. 

Step into a world where each view takes your breath away every experience is extraordinary. Every stay is worth celebrating. 

The luxurious accommodation at Cumberland Norfolk Island awaits you—promising an escape that goes beyond the ordinary redefines the essence of an island retreat and leaves an impression, on your travel memories.

By Grace