The level of anonymity and privacy provided by the dark web cannot compare with the ‘surface web’ we browse every day. However, using the dark net is a risky activity. Using the dark web is not wrong since it comes with many benefits. However, its unregulated nature makes it a risky option because of potentially harmful and illegal content. If you’re intending to browse the dark web like, it’s crucial to take certain safety precautions to help ensure your anonymity and security. In this article, we will learn what the dark site entails, and how to ensure safety when using it. The essential security measures you should take to stay safe:

Keep personal information to yourself

The Darksite is a haven for criminals. Therefore sharing personal details could leave you vulnerable to identity theft. Personal information to safeguard includes personal sensitive data including your address, name, and credit card information. 

Update your device’s antivirus software

Timely updates of the antivirus software can help protect your device against malware, viruses, and other malicious programs that otherwise can compromise your online security.

Avoid illegal activities

The Dark web is well known for hosting and suspicious and illegal activities. With dark sites, you are likely to indulge in drug trafficking, weapon sales, and system hacking. When using dark sites, you should strive to shy away from anything that raises red flags. Some deals which seem too good to be true should be avoided.

Use a VPN to protect your connection

Using a VPN is one of the best safety measures when using dark sites. For instance, Hotspot Shield is designed to inhibit malware attacks. As a result, this will help protect your device from potential threats. VPN uses encryption and IP address which can help keep your sessions secure and anonymous. By so doing you are also offering added malware protection since you are blocking known infected sites.

Never download anything on the dark web 

The dark web is mostly associated with malware thus there are no sites that are guaranteed to be safe. Unless you are certain, avoid downloading anything, from such websites. Although some dark web shops may be 100% legitimate, only to face challenges when it comes to making a purchase.

Use strong passwords

When creating passwords for your dark site activities, make sure to use complex passwords that are unique for every account you create. Your password should never any personal information. If possible, consider using a password manager to generate your passwords.

Do not install add-ons

Another way to stay safe when using dark sites is to avoid installing add-ons r. Since the dark side is based on Firefox-installing add-ons for Firefox may increase the risk of others being able to track your moves. Even with a single Installation add-on, the uniqueness of your browser fingerprint will significantly increase.


When using dark sites like, there is no guaranteed way to ensure all your information stays protected. However, putting protective measures in place can help increase your safety. Put these tips in use to stay safe on the Dark Web. Alongside preserving your anonymity, it is necessary to stay vigilant if at all you want to avoid being scammed.

By Grace