Skirting boards are an essential part of your kitchen. They protect your walls from water damage and help you keep your house looking neat and tidy. Skirting boards are installed to finish the bottom edge of a wall, and they’re most commonly made from wood.

An edge skirting board can be installed at any height, but it should be high enough so that they don’t get damaged by chairs or stools. It’s also important that the skirting boards are high enough to not interfere with walking around the room.

There are three main reasons why skirting boards are so important in the kitchen:

Decorative Element

The first reason that skirting boards are so important in the kitchen is that they are a great decorative element. Many kitchens will have wooden skirting boards, which can add much character to your room. You can choose how high or low you want them to be and how thick they should be depending on the style you want for your kitchen.

You can also choose from a range of colors and finishes for your skirting board to match perfectly with other features in your room, such as tiles or cupboards. Getting this right is important because it will make all the difference in making your kitchen look great!

Water Damage Prevention

Skirting boards prevent water damage on floors by stopping moisture from getting into the wall cavity and causing damp patches on your walls and ceilings. If you have wooden flooring installed in your kitchen, then it is essential that you install a skirting board underneath it so that no water can get into the wall cavity from underneath. This will prevent any warping or swelling of the wood that may occur over time due to water damage. Skirting boards will also protect your flooring from scratches caused by dragging heavy items across them during cleaning sessions, when moving furniture around during renovations, etc.

Functional Element

They serve as a useful way to divide up different room areas. For example, you could use them to section off your hob from your worktop or vice versa. This gives you an easy way to keep everything neat and ensures nothing gets damaged by heat or steam from your appliances.

They can also help you create a more spacious look by creating an illusion of space in rooms that don’t offer much room for manoeuvre between walls and furniture. If you have limited space available, skirting boards are a great way to make your kitchen look larger than it is!

Additionally, skirting boards are important in keeping your kitchen organized and clutter-free. This is especially true if you have a busy family with many visitors visiting your home daily. They can help keep everything neat so that no one has to struggle with piles of papers or other items that should be kept out of sight.

A skirting board can help bring a kitchen to life in the home. These handy boards bring colour and character to a room and are functional. Installing them might seem daunting, but with an electric saw doing all the cutting for you, it’s not as difficult as you’d think. All you have to do is make sure that you buy the right materials beforehand so that your edge skirting board will last the test of time.

By Grace